My Testimonial

The first day I put on the He & Me undergarment suit I immediately noticed how much energy coursed through my body.  The blood flow changed rapidly, increasing in volume every minute, and I had a quenching thirst for water.  It was as though my subconscious was seeking for more energy specifically through water.  And with this I let so much urine through but still couldn’t stop drinking H2O.  From this my body became more energized through the cellular exchange of oxygen and hydrogen.  I filtered so much fluid that I peed over 35 times in 10 hours.  All exterior pain ceased and my cells vibrated happily.  My heart felt so satiated because there was a knowing that with all this energetic support I will finally be able to cure my diseases.  It was a craving satisfied!  

Though I am fairly young and energetic I suffered emotional traumas early.  Being raised in NYC there was pollution and unclean dietary habits and stress.  My spine had always been an issue since birth that caused all sorts of mal-alignments through my skull, neck and shoulders causing constant pain.  And the past 3 years I had noticed subtle consistent changes of aging such as needing more sleep for energy but then not being able to during stressful days, digestive anxiety of needing to eat but not wanting in fear of weight control so I would force myself to exercise to burn more calories.  I accepted it graciously and did the best I could to maintain my energy levels but still the shifting metabolism and hormones made me acutely aware of the meaning, “aging”.   So you can imagine how good it felt to my spirit when finally all these cellular vibrations started to transform.   The curative effects of this healing suit can restore the body back to life where it has been diseased and dysfunctional.  This is the miracle of scalar energy.   The DNA has the blueprint for the cells’ function.  This is spectrum!

 The first day I started wearing He & Me it was healing my physical body.  The second day I felt enormous shifts in my emotional body.  I was able to access various aspects of scattered, broken and diseased life-energies and effortlessly open my heart.  Like a soft warming flow of love had washed away all my core emotions of pain and dysfunction.  By the 3rd day my alignment to the super-conscious universe profoundly entered my awareness and I was drenched by a universal flow of Love for all people and living things.  I am still so joyful for this knowledge:  That the universe is a benign force capable of super-conductive vibrations healing us all.  

“Quantum Healing Devices are the newest innovations in the health and beauty industry and I believe in the future of fitness and sports.”

The beauty, simplicity and practicality of the He and Me spectrum products makes it not only the most sensible, it is beyond value because in what other way can the body receive 24-hour support of the scalar-spectrum field?  For thousands of years the understanding of the human energy field interacting with the earth’s for greatest harmony, balance and voltage has been the mainstay focus of longevity medicine.  Taoists and shamans practice healing and self-cultivation deep in the mountains where the highest vibrations can be accessed.  Mountains are scalar-rich conductors or energy vortexes.  This creates access for inter-dimensional travels.  Places like Mount Shasta and Mount Andrew’s in NW United States are known for these super phenomena.  My experiences of such occurred during travels to the mountains of Hawaii, Mount Shasta, Sedona and Thailand.  Scalar-rich field is characteristic of other dimensions of time.  One example I can share happened while I was receiving a healing treatment in Mount Shasta city.  All of a sudden my spirit body dissolved into a dimension where I astral traveled to another region of Earth.    As I hovered over an ocean I encountered a trench made of 3 slabs of stone.  My Soul recognized this body of water from some aspect of my being and awakened to the essence of Lemuria.  The sky was violet-pink and the sea an apple-green hue.  It was breath taking!  I sensed the breath of longevity that was alive within the consciousness of those times.  Time literally stood and operated at a wavelength upon which all life rested as a cohesive matrix of vibrations very different than our current 3-D reality.  In those Lemurian days “I” lived well over 200 years old maybe even longer.  Time was not like the way it is here. 

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